Caribbean Islands

Best affordable beach destination in the group of Caribbean Islands is the Dominican Republic, which is brimming with package tourists and exciting activities. The Dominican Republic beckons tourist people across the country with the vast coral reefs, jungles, secluded islands,waterfalls, pine forests, and the highest peaks in the Caribbean, which has been enriched with the diverse ecosystems. However, the country enhanced with great culture and history. Santo Domingo is the capital city of Dominican Republic, which is the cultural jewel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site too.

Santo Domingo, the oldest city, preserves its rich history and culture yet, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with cobblestone streets, stunning Spanish Colonial architecture, and excellent restaurants. The most holiest America’s first Cathedral located in Santo Domingo, where as a visitor you must explore the list of attractions such as The Plaza de la Cultura is museum central,Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art, Columbus Palace, Ozama Fort, National Botanical Gardens, Malecón, and the National Palace.(image by Rotuli)15343311491_d8b3220809_z

Now begin to explore the eastern National Park, which is a home for hundreds of species of plants and animals, including 112 species of birds, where you can also find one of the Caribbean’s largest marine parks with an immense coral reef system. This marine park encompasses four species of sea turtles as well as manatees, bottle nose dolphins, and numerous species, which especially lives in tropical waters. All these attractions are the major aspects induces the diving and snorkeling activities. So enjoy the diving along with the manatees, bottle nose dolphins, and numerous species.

Next spot is Jarabacoa, located in the heart of Dominican Republic, which is the apt place to do mountain biking and exploring the alpine trails. The Jarabacoa is nested in the loop mountains so it emerging eco-tourism scene, where you can find three waterfalls such as El Salto de Baiguate, Salto Jimenoa Uno and Salto Jimenoa Dos. Among these three you can find the more spectacular scenery in Jimenoa waterfalls, so it would be the first preference all visitors than Baiguate.

The Salto Jimenoa Uno is 196ft) height, such a tremendous sight, with water gushes from a hole in the rock and crashes into a huge pool. It’s possible to swim here but the water is bracing to say the least.

While not as dramatic as Salto Jimenoa Uno, Salto Jimenoa Dos (40m/130ft) has a more inviting swimming hole (but it’s still icy cold!) and is reached via an interesting trail that takes you through a canyon and along suspension bridges.

Dominican Republic is not only offer natural wonders it also offers well-developed beach resorts and world-class golf courses, and many recreational opportunities to you. This is the great home of many attractive sites, almost all the sites will come in to the category of
vast coral reefs, waterfalls, jungles, secluded islands, pine forests, and the highest peaks in the Caribbean.

Right from the beginning the Dominican Republic is the right place for adventure seekers, where you can enjoy the white water rafting at Río Yaque del Norte. There you can also explore the rugged alpine terrain for hikers and bikers with many mountain trails, coast for water lovers can snorkel, dive, kayak, kite board, sail, and surf.

Enjoy this abundance of nature in Dominican Republic.

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One of the most well-developed Island from the group of Caribbean Islands is the Barbados Island, where you can enjoy the hassle free trip in an awesome Island. It offers a variety of activities and attractions, to all kind of people, which will arrest you with a number of historic plantation houses, exquisite gardens and good museums. The attractive sites list will never end in Barbados Island, on land you can explore the caverns, jungle-clad gullies, and beautiful botanical gardens and many island’s natural treasures.

Under the ocean explore the pale turquoise water and rare aquatic beasts and around the island discover the sprawling sugar plantations and historic museums, endless tropical beauty and a dramatic east coast and so on. In Barbados Island your first visit would be Crane Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Barbados, which offers wonderful chance to explore the pink coral sand. It the favorite beach station for the cruise ship visitors, tourists, and locals, come here to enjoy the surf, sunbathe on the soft sands, and stay in the luxury Crane Beach Hotel and so on.(image by schaefinvegas)2380286221_2c30015908_z

Next you visit would be Andromeda Botanic Gardens, which is specialized in unique tropical plants from across the world. People visit this spot often not only for its collections of beautiful flower, but also for its scenic hillside view, where you can enjoy by viewing the large bearded fig trees as well as the rare species of succulents and palms. This garden is the right choice for those who looking a superb place for bird watching.

Next attraction is the Barbados National park, which was formed when the roof of a series of caves collapsed. The Barbados National park especially famous for unique landscape and plant diversity and so on, which serves as a best home to more than 200 species of tropical plants, including wild ginger and bamboo. Along with this trip explore the green monkeys with a natural backdrop.

Another mysterious and eye catchy view from the Harrison’s Cave, a crystallized limestone cavern, features streams, waterfalls, cascades, and deep pools are the features of it. Then visit the beautiful vistas, from the hills of central Barbados, it is a flower forest spreads over 53 acres. This peaceful tropical forests serves as a former sugar plantation, which would be the right choice for those who looking for a gardens as a wonder,, where you can find the beautiful palms, gingers, and many colorful orchids are highlights. After touring the grounds, visitors can purchase snacks at the small café.

Wildlife Reserve at the Barbados, located opposite Farley Hill, visitors invade this area significantly for this walking over the Shady paths among the animals such as deer, agoutis, tortoises, iguanas, and a raucous collection of tropical birds, wild green monkeys and so on. The Barbados Island is the birthplace of Rum, when we peep in to the history of Barbados Island, you would believe that Rum is the oldest distilled spirit over here.

This is the right spot to explore many natural wonders

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