Colorado River

Rivers, a real heaven on the earth offers scenic beauty by its physical appearance, color, landscape and diversity of wildlife and natural scenarios thrill blended Adventure sports activities and more. Rivers are the best spot for the travelers who looking for the adventure, thrill oriented tourist destination as well as who looking for the best recreation spot on the earth. While watching the abundant of river water and the stunning wildlife will mesmerize all kind of age groups. There you can entertain yourself with the thrill and adventure oriented rafting, wildlife watching, hiking, biking and more. Let’s read this review to know more about the world’s best rivers.

Amazon River: The world’s best Amazon River located in the South America famous Amazon Rainforest, which resembles like snake because it crawls over 4,000 miles of terrain and creating the largest basin area in the world. This larger basin is the best home for unique species of flora and fauna, some of the flora and fauna is available only in this basin and you can also see many indigenous tribes reside in this Rain forest. If you are a traveler the Amazon River snake offers stunning and gorgeous vista along with the adventurous activities like white-water rafting, Cruise the river, bird watching and more. There you can stay in the eco-lodge, if you are looking the stress relief factor; these lodges will make your trip. Amazon is the best natural mystery covered area, so wander around it and explore more over there.(image by AmandaHall2212)6223366581_cac803cd5f_z Zambezi:

The Zambezi is the Africa’s fourth largest River system in the list after the Nile, Zaire and Niger Rivers, which runs through six countries. The Zambezi River’s beauty attracts plenty of tourist people from all over the world and also offers best way to enjoy the thrilling and adventure based water sports. The Zambezi River has 2700kms of length along with the lush greenery surroundings and stunning wildlife sceneries to you, where you must enjoy the best fishing experience even a day also. Apart from fishing you can also enjoy the Birding Safaris, Walking Safaris, River Safaris, Game Drives, Helicopter Flight, and Canoeing and so on. So make your travel towards the river fun by the Zambezi.(image by Wild Dogger)11373883743_1b344882c0_z Left out Best Rivers:

The Amazon River and Zambezi River are the world’s best rivers though you can find many other best rivers in the list such as the Río Cahabón River with 196 km long located in eastern Guatemala, Sepik River located in island of New Guinea, Danube and Rhine located in Bavaria at Germany, Irrawaddy River at Myanmar, Kenai River at United States, Ganges located in twixt of India and Bangladesh, Rio Futaleufú located at northern Patagonia of Argentina, Nile is a major river in northeastern region of the Africa, Caño Cristales is located in Colombia, Colorado River located at the Southwestern United States and northwest Mexico, longest river in France is Loire, Li River or Lijiang is a river in Guangxi Zhuang region in China and longest river in Europe is Volga.

These are the important rivers in the world. So make a list and start to explore each and every river as above mentioned.

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Are you looking for the Austin trip? If you are wish is so, here some of the important spots or must see sites in Austin, read out the below content and know more. The Great Austin is Located in Central Texas and the American Southwest, which is highly famous and well known by the name of 11th-most populous city. Austin is a small town with the full of exciting attractions, which has the rich history, better nightlife and more. The best times to visit the Austin are September to November or March to May. Let’s see how Austin makes your trip fun fill.

Natural attractions:

In Austin you can find many natural attractions such as the Lady Bird Lake, which is located on the Colorado River in Downtown Austin. The Lady Bird Lake is the best spot for those who looking for the Biking and Hiking. There the lush green parks and peaceful lakes turned as a best tourist destination for the bike, hike and run. Next Natural attraction is the Lake Austin, which offers wonderful Opportunities for fishing. Apart from there you can also find many resorts and plenty of hotels over there. If you are looking for the group tours, walking tours and more, you must visit the Barton Springs Pool, Which is the natural, limestone pool fed by several underground springs, so you can enjoy fishing and swimming over there. In Austin you can also find many natural attractions such as the Zilker Metropolitan Park, Zilker Botanical Garden, Emma Long Metropolitan Park, McKinney Falls State Park, Hippie Hollow Park, Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve and more. So include all the above mentioned spots in your Austin travel plan.(image by Katie Haugland)7093723965_ff0d0de351_z

Man-made attractions:

The great Austin is famous for the natural wonders as well as man-made attractions and we all know that the museums are the important place to know more about the particular regions history, glory and more. In that museums list you can find the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, Austin Museum of Art, Bullock Texas State History Museum, Mexic-Art Museum, Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum, Texas Memorial Museum, Elisabet Ney Museum and more. In Austin you can find the mammoth historical monument under the name of The Texas State Capitol, which is located in Downtown Austin. This capitol building contains the chambers of the Texas Legislature and the office of the governor. In Austin you must visit the Paramount Theatre, Austin Convention Center, Texas State Cemetery, Harry Ransom Center, Frank Erwin Center, Austin History Center and more. So don’t miss to visit any one of the places from the above list.(image by Manue@PrettyKiku)5147307358_cfebc3688a_z

Nightlife and shopping:

In Austin you can also enjoy the Nightlife and shopping, more than 200 venues offer the rock, blues, jazz, hip hop, punk or Latino shows nightly, to attain the best nightlife in Austin you must visit the 219 West, 29th Street Ballroom, 311 Club, Acl Live at the Moody Theater and more. There you can also enjoy the wonderful shopping experience by the plenty of shopping malls, shops.

So enjoy your Austin trip with fun!

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