Everyone likes to travel and planning the perfect road trip during the summer vacation period can be a great way to do it. Whether this trip turns out to be a pleasant experience or a nightmare depends on a variety of factors and of course it goes without saying that a well-planned trip can make it even more enjoyable. However, there are many unpredictable elements to take into consideration when taking a trip, such as the weather and traffic, which are not under your control. On the other hand, factors like the route, the number and type of people you take on your trip, which do have an influence on your overall experience, can be determined by you.

Hertz, a car rental company, has created an interesting infographic to calculate the likeliness of a perfect road trip which you can see below. You could be confused the first time you see it but going through the description will give you a clear understanding and help you work out the perfect formula for fun!

Hertz_Infographic - FINAL