Attractions In Mumbai

Are you planning to visit the world-famous Indian city “Mumbai” for a unique travel experience? Do you want to explore amazing attractions that will make you fall in love with this destination? Regarded as the city of dreams that is always buzzing with activity, Mumbai is all about overcrowded railway platforms, picturesque beaches, jam-packed suburban slums, and stunning attractions.

What draws tourists to Mumbai is the destination’s exceptional cultural heritage as well as the fact that it is a financial hub and the heart of the Hindi Film Industry – Bollywood. While there is no dearth of cheap hotels in Mumbai, you should take your pick only after considering essential factors like location, amenities etc. Here, we have come up with a list of the top 5 attractions in Mumbai that you must visit to ensure a memorable trip.

Top 5 Attractions In Mumbai For Tourists

1. Gateway Of India

Built in 1924 by venerable architect, George Wittet, the Gateway of India has a long and rich history. Boasting pristine glory and matchless grandeur, the monument’s architecture dates back to the colonial era and this is what makes the attraction more appealing. Considering the gateway’s architectural beauty, it is indubitably an excellent place to start with your exploration journey. As surprising as it may sound, entry to the Gateway of India is totally free of cost, however, you would be charged for the ferry rides you take.

2.Kanheri Caves

Deemed a mysterious attraction, the Kanheri Caves are more than 2000 years old and they are located inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Apart from offering ravishing waterfall views, the Kanheri Caves can provide travelers with an insightful glimpse into rich Buddhist history. So, if you are desiring a little seclusion, these ancient caves are worth adding to your travel bucket list.

3. Juhu Beach

Attractions In Mumbai

Without a doubt, Mumbai’s coastline is pretty popular among the locals and tourists alike. In fact, at the end of an exhausting day of exploration, there is nothing better than enjoying the sea breeze and relaxing with localites on Juhu Beach. From catching the beautiful sunset to enjoying lip-smacking delicacies at food stalls, there are a variety of activities that you can do at this place. Moreover, the residences of several incredibly famous Bollywood celebrities are situated around Juhu Beach.

4. Red Carpet Wax Museum

Frequented by a large number of tourists from around the world, the Red Carpet Wax Museum is a great attraction for both children and adults. Opened for public in the year 2016, the museum showcases life-size wax models of noteworthy figures including politicians, actors and musicians. If you want to take selfies with the likes of famous personalities like Brad Pitt and Harry Potter, you cannot afford to miss out on this attraction.

5. Haji Ali

Attractions In Mumbai

Haji Ali is a renowned historic attraction having great religious importance. Made of white marble, this majestic edifice is an ideal exemplification of Indo-Islamic architecture. The place witnesses an influx of peace-seeking travel enthusiasts throughout the year. In addition to being a popular landmark of Mumbai, Haji Ali is one of those destinations that you would want to explore with your loved ones. Here, you can experience tranquility at its best while enjoying scenic views of the Arabian Sea at the same time.

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Looking for crabs in rock-pools, devouring ice creams from the ice-cream van, and getting on with it come rain or shine- it is hard not to get nostalgic for the British beach holidays of our youths. And a recent survey shows that these beach holiday destinationsmare becoming as popular as ever.

Travel Supermarket, the price comparison website found that adults are more likely to return to holiday destinations that they went to as a child. But why? The research suggested that it is due to a mix of nostalgia and economics. 47% of those who took part in the survey said they return to places they went as a child as they know they’ll enjoy themselves there. 39% of those questioned said they return to the same places because they want their children to have the same experiences as they did.

It can also be down to cost; If you know you are going to enjoy yourself somewhere, you have confidence that your money is not going to go to waste. This is largely due to the current economic climate which is putting pressure on families to get the best value.

So what are the type childhood destinations that many people are returning to?


Childhood Holiday Destinations You Should Return To 1There are not many people who didn’t go on holiday to Blackpool as a child. Not only is it full of fun rides and slot machines, it also has lots of shops and even a zoo nearby! They also have illuminations that are lit throughout the winter months. There is so much to do there it is probably worth finding somewhere to stay. You can find great deals online via websites such as Ukbreakaways.


Home to the UK’s only coastal national park, Pembrokeshire is the perfect place for an active family break. It has fantastic beaches, National Trust properties and a variety of things to do no matter the weather such as dinosaur parks.


Childhood Holiday Destinations You Should Return To 2There aren’t many people who don’t fall in love with Cornwall when they visit. From the breath-taking coastline to the family-friendly beaches, and range of attractions such as the Eden Project, Lands’ End and even surfing lessons. there is something to do for everyone. Also for those who have good appetites, it’s a foodies paradise, with delicious cream teas, pasties and ice cream shops on practically every corner.

Lake District

The Lake District is the perfect destination to spend quality time with loved ones in the great outdoors. There are endless outdoor activities to do such as mountain biking, walking and a range of water sports to enjoy, too. Pop in to one of the many visitor centres and grab a map of the trails you can follow, no matter if it is by bike or foot. Probably the most popular attractions of the lot in the Lake District include the Grizedale sculpture trail, a steamer cruise along Ullswater, and a visit to Beatrix Potter’s home in Ambleside.