In the eastern Caribbean you can find the Antigua and Barbuda, which boast some of the most ravishing beaches, some pristine stretches of pink-tinged sand sprinkled with chic resorts and dazzling shores.

Come and visit the Antigua and Barbuda, which is the right spot to explore during your vacations. The Antigua and Barbuda Islands located are almost always centered on the beaches, where the must visit attractions list is endless such as you can enjoy the sand, smelling the pleasant aroma of flowers, buying local products at St. John’s Saturday Morning Market, learning about Antigua’s naval history at Nelson’s Dockyard National Park and so on. Now this review will unveil the wonders of Antigua and Barbuda,

Wonderful spot to begin your Antigua and Barbuda trip is Half Moon Bay, located southeastern end of Antigua, one of the most stunning and tranquil Bay among the Antigua’s best beaches. The Half Moon Bay Protected by a colorful reef, this idyllic fine white sand and sea immerse all age of people, especially the natural foliage, calm wind offers excellent snorkeling, surfing on calm days.(image by Lucio Sassi Photography travel)5476291322_aeed5741b0_z

The capital city and cruise ship port of Antigua and Barbuda, is the St John. Throughout this city you can find colonial cottages, market stalls, white neo-Baroque towers of St. John’s Cathedral and more. If you want to know more the history of this Island, visit Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. Never miss to enjoy the bargaining experience in shopping, it is ideal fun you must begin in the St. John. There you can find the duty-free shops abound at Heritage Quay, souvenir stalls beckon from touristy Redcliffe Quay, and the lively harborside public markets.

One of most popular attraction in the Antigua’s popular list is the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, which serves as a historic building and some of the island’s best nature trails. There you can find the restored marina with beautiful old stone warehouses encompasses hotels, restaurants, shops, galleries, and museums. While in the Dockyard, you must enjoy panoramic island views from the ruins of Fort Shirley, perched on the hilltop at Shirley Heights, or Fort Berkeley, at the west entrance to the harbor.(image by EAG Antigua)3795403960_0114c4d874_z

It offers an awesome chance to immerse your mind in to the calm come adventure world by begin in to the snorkeling, to enjoy this you must visit Stingray City, where your some of the new friends would welcome you, you can enjoy the snorkel with your new friends among the staggering coral reef and you may also see crabs, lobster, shellfish, and starfish in the blue Caribbean waters. This trip would offer an awesome way to know the true that the stingrays are friendly and graceful creatures.

Endless trip would try to end by visiting the dramatic scenery of Indian Town National Park, located at the northeast coast, which is an excellent site for hikes and birding, where you have a chance to view more than 36 avian species roost in the park among the acacia trees. The Indian Town National park also encompasses the natural limestone Devil’s Bridge sculpted over the centuries by the pounding surf.

Don’t miss to enjoy all the wonders have mentioned in this review while in the Antigua and Barbuda trip.

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Northeastern Caribbean Island welcomes you all in the name of Puerto Rico, which offers attractions range from the adventurous to the historic and there are plenty of options between the two extremes, if you are beach lovers must visit the western beaches of Rincón and enjoy the sunbathing and surfing, snorkelers and more, if you are looking for a best vibrant nightlife you must visit the Puerto Rico, enjoy packed fun trip is sure in Puerto Rico.

Though many natural wonders hit the list, a mysterious bizarre environment crush all wonders, because none other wonder is equal to the Bio luminescent Mosquito Bay. The Bio luminescent Mosquito Bay located in the south Vieques beach, what special it is? Usually a beach is a place with golden or white sandy shorelines, turquoise or emerald green water bodies, but the Bio luminescent Mosquito Bay is different slightly from usual, now your mind is triggered by more questions, to solve all visit this bay in night time, during murky skies, you can enjoy the waters emit a blue glow from the half-plant, this is due to more than 700,000 bio luminescent dinoflagellates live in each gallon of bay water, when you touch the water it begins to glow. Take an adventure kayak trip to enjoy this awesome environment!(image by Kristofer Williams)11092168365_2235d8b8d8_z

Though mysterious immerse each one in to the bizarre world, beaches reveal each one’s stress filled mind and allow them to experience the new world, to achieve this in Puerto Rico , you must select your tourist destination as beaches, which are especially famous for the beaches. For this Puerto Rico offers Flamenco Beach, this is a perfect place for families, snorkelers and those looking for a remote spot that boasts a delightful aesthetic from nearly every angle. Next one is Luquillo Beach, a right spot where families flock to this shore for its reef-protected calm waves, are you looking for white sand, warm water you must visit the Carolina Beach during early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Along with these beaches don’t miss to enjoy in Sun Bay and Condado Beach too.

If you are planning for a family trip in Puerto Rico, include the following places in your list such as Humacao Natural Reserve, Arecibo Skatepark, Aguadilla Skate Park, El Yunque National Forest, Villa Pesquera Beach of Patillas, Albergue Olímpico, Arecibo Lighthouse, La Guancha, Pigeons Park, Villa Campestre, Las Cabezas de San Juan Natural Reserve, Puerto Rico Zoo Dr Juan A. Rivero and more. Especially visit the Museo Del Niño, a kid’s town, where, naturally, no adults are permitted, where you can enjoy plenty of joyful worlds.

In the midst of all enjoyment you would feel some annoying feel in your abdominal right, so taste the traditional delicious dishes in Puerto Rico cuisine. In Puerto Rico, Rice is a mandatory course in dishes such as Arroz con Gandules, Arroz con Tocino, Arroz Mampostea’o, and the sweet dessert Arroz con Dulce and more.

Don’t miss to visit all the attractions in Puerto Rico!

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