Mendenhall Glacier

Alaska is a place where all kind of natural wonders situated with stunning backdrop, people usually prefer this as a perfect family, couples and friend’s hangout spot. List of wonders is never gets end here, especially when it comes as a natural wonders. People from various part love to visit the usually wonders of Alaska. Now the below list of attractions will reveal a wonders which are the uncommon attractions of the great Alaska. Le’s prepare a right bucket list and begin to wander.

Have you heard about the Arctic Circle?. This Arctic Circle is located in this great Alaska region. At 66 degrees 33 minutes latitude, you reach the imaginary line of the Arctic Circle where the summer solstice brings 24 hours of daylight and the winter means 24 hours of darkness. If you are in a Alaska trip, you must visit this it would be your unforgettable place rather than any other attractions. Visitors take day trips or longer tours to the alpine tundra by air or by land on the Dalton Highway, often out of Fairbanks. Journeys also take in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and more.3910490545_b6c14e6a22_z

Now it is time to recall the history of the Alaska by hiking over a the 33-mile-long Chilkoot Trail,which is a located in the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park maintains lovely restored buildings in the Skagway historic district to commemorate the 1897-98 Gold Rush. You can attempt to hike the 33-mile-long Chilkoot Trail, which begins at Taiya River bridge, or simply explore the on-site museum and visitor center.14996462277_5afd9fbcd6_z (1)

Next wonder is the Mendenhall Glacier, located just 12 miles Northwest of the state capital and accessible by road. The Mendenhall Glacier snakes down from the Juneau Icefield to touch the shores of a small lake. A visitor center looks out over both the glacier and the iceberg-dotted waters, while trails venture along the shore to roaring Nugget Falls as well as the impressive ice mass. Rafting and kayaking trips allow visitors to float among the bergs.16313108880_c46185ecee_z

Don’t pack up, you are welcome to a small alluring, to reach the community south of Anchorage, visitors travel by way of the Seward Highway, Here, along the shoreline of Turnagain Arm, stretches of the rugged Chugach State Park meet the saltwater. Or tourists can take the scenic Alaska Railroad. Beside the appeal of the town’s excellent Alaska SeaLife Center, Seward is a base for exploring Kenai Peninsula attractions, such as Exit Glacier, and area fjords by boat.

Departing from Kenai Peninsula, avid wildlife watchers head to the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, established to protect the Kodiak bear and other rare animals.