Europe is a continent with great ancient histories, a very rich culture, stunning natural wonders and more. A continent which draws millions of visitors each year. It is a complex of various regions so begin to wander around each region which are all must visit in Europe.


Finland is located at the corner part of the Europe, which is well known by all visitors with its unique culture, historical attractions, the natural surroundings serve as a playground for both winter and summer activities. Main attraction in Finland is the Helsinki region that grabs the attention of more visitors. Helsinki region is highly popular for its museums, art galleries, restaurants, and shopping. Next most important city is the Turku, the ancient capital of Finland. This is famous for forests and lakes. From Turku, it’s also possible to visit the Aland Islands, a large archipelago which can be reached by ferry. Finally, a must-do for visitors to Finland is a trip to the wilds of Lapland.


Greece is very well known for its classical part of attractions but later a wider public who have come to appreciate its many other attractions. People love to gather here to do not go only to see its ancient sites and recall the contribution it has made to European cultural and intellectual life, but to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of its scenery, the Mediterranean charm of its islands, the ready hospitality of its people and its beautiful beaches and more. It is surrounded by aplenty of islands of all shapes and sizes. Every tourist should not be missed to enjoy the Santorini, which can be reach by boat, after passing the gentle green slopes on the outside of the island the boat enters the huge central basin, almost totally enclosed by sheer rock walls. In recent years it is attracted by large numbers of visitors specially by its extraordinary natural structure and its archaeological sites.8959888647_b8d192dd93_z


France, one of the most famous destinations in the world. Most of the seasoned travelers love to wander the streets of Paris, soaking up the sun along the French Riviera and visiting the inland towns and villages. Apart these things, visitors come here to enjoy the fine cuisine and embrace the French culture. Obviously the first and must visit spot in France is the Eiffel Tower and then you could have a chance to explore the other attractions of the Paris city. The second most popular destination in France is the beautiful stretch of coast along the Mediterranean, known as the French Riviera. It becomes a best partner for the people who seeking a best place during summer. Don’t forget to enjoy the French Alps which are a popular destination in summer and winter. Here you will find out some of the most well known resorts in this area are Chamonix, Grenoble, St Gervais, and Annecy.490559361_8e2c836e3a_z

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