St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Travel to New York

New York City comprises 5 boroughs sitting where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Its iconic sites include skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park. Broadway Theater is staged in neon-lit Times Square.

Travel to New York is probably the most visited city in the United States. Famous for fashion, nightlife, art, food, and theater, New York is the heart of the world. You can spend a lifetime exploring and never really see it all. Travel to New York is one of the most amazing things in the world. There are plenty of things to do that won’t cost you a few months of your savings.

Where to go in New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The museum is fantastic. This is most attractive museum by Travel to New York. It has top of extraordinary collections, an exceptional atmosphere that symbolizes the chic of New York. Plenty of worldwide masterpieces in one place, the art displayed in their rooftop it’s seasonal, so there is always inviting to come back. This is one of the tops and unique museum. There is something to see for every taste! You just need a day to see it all! Be sure to go up to the rooftop for fantastic views of the NYC skyline and Central Park.

Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Travel to New York and enjoy the best of Top of the Rock is that going up takes you a few minutes only, pretty much no long lines. If you have the NY pass it’s even better. There are multiple observation decks, and a fairly quick line, that I attribute to the time of year; sunset is one of their most popular times. This is a must if you are visiting New York we did the VIP visit personally id just do the normal visit as you only get in the lift first. It is spacious; you get a 360-degree view of the NY skyline. There are different colored lights on one of the floors. You can take photos from every angle.

Manhattan Skyline

The Manhattan skyline is one of the best things in the world. Obviously, when you Travel to New York you get to see it for free. There are at least two distinctive skylines: Midtown with the Empire State and Chrysler Building and dozens of others, and downtown. The Skyline of NY is as unique as impressive, particularly beautiful from the water, for example when traveling to the Statue of Liberty. The views of the Manhattan skyline are breathtaking. Try and be able to see from many different angles and views of it as you won’t regret it.

The High Line

It’s a wonderful country stroll in town. Climb up onto the high line, and enjoy the flora and fauna at this disused overhead line takes you on a journey across this west side of Manhattan. One of the places which are really good to re-compensate this is the High line. When you Travel to New York City there is subway citizens decided to change it into place for tourist with a lot of plants and green areas. The modern art and ambiance are great and there are areas for kids to play and it’s free.

Bryant Park

Travel to New York, this spot is great for people watching, at least for me and mine. It is a lovely place to sit and have coffee after a day of sightseeing, shopping. It’s so nice to people watch whilst having breakfast in the morning. There are lots of places around the park to eat and drink. It’s a great place for shopping too. It is not a big park though, but quite relaxing if you just want to take your family and have some good time. It’s a nice place to just wander around and look.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

A must see for visitors going to NYC. The church is open for tourist like you. They have security screening at the church so that tourists feel safe inside. When you Travel to New York City you can walk in from the street with all the noise and chaos to this beautiful peaceful place. You don’t even need to be religious to receive the absolute beauty of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Breathtaking and certainly all walks of life visit this destination. Highly recommended visiting even for 5 minutes.

Times Square

This is about a 2 min walk east from the Marriott Marquis. If you watch any New Year’s evening celebration you will notice how crowded it is. When you Travel to New York City there are many street performers, and lights, billboards, noise, and tons of people watching. Times Square is a must see when coming to NYC. All the lights and commercials, the flagships of all stores are here and it’s a pretty nice visit.