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Take a plunge at Santa Marta

Santa Marta makes for an easy vacation spot because it is a significant commercial port and a tourist-loved travel destination. You can even see the Caribbean waters right off the beach; if you have good binoculars you can see famous Caribbean islands too. The beaches here are you typical island experience, expect heavy crowds with one thing in common, party. If you love crazed excursions, with plenty of alcohol drenched 20 something, you’ll simply love Santa Marta.

There are several high end suburbs in Santa Marta, the most popular ones are the resort-like El Rodadero (south) and Taganga (north). You can find high end hotels and exclusive clubs at El Rodadero where the elite Colombian usually hang out. For a modest lodging, you can visit Taganga instead since it is very popular for foreign backpackers and it also boasts of a traditional island feel because it was formerly a fishing village. Scuba diving agencies are found on Taganga since it has plenty of nearby coral reefs teeming with rich marine life to explore.


Of course, you came here for the beaches and other activities too and below are the listed most popular beaches and other activities to do in Santa Marta. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your ESTA Visa with you for an incredible and hassle free fun adventure.

In El Rodadero you will find plenty of beaches right off the hotels you booked into. If you don’t like sharing the waters with the crazy but fun crowd, you can simply rent a jet ski and just chopped their heads off. Kidding aside, if you don’t know how to drive one, you can simply ask for a ride from anybody willing to share. If you really want some open space for you and your date perhaps, you can stroll a bit farther until you get to the part where there are no more crowd and the beaches are cleaner too.

The Bahia Concha beach can be accessed for free and this is just within the Tayrona National Park which is also perfect for light hikes. Just east of the park are two other popular yet not so crowded beaches, the Los Angeles and Costeño. Take note that within the park area where most tourists go, the prices of the beaches are high but of course, well worth your money since they are stunning and superb.

If you fancy village tours, visit Minca. This is a tiny town in the mountains and you will need a good jeep to get there. Once you get to the town, you will be greeted with breathtaking panoramic vistas and little establishments to chill just beside the riverside.

If you are a fan of ornithology, then head straight to the world famous El Dorado; yes there are still treasures to be found yet nobody discovers them yet, perhaps you can. Nonetheless, many naturalists consider this a very significant bird reserve and it is also home to various rare amphibians and fascinating flora too. You can simply rent an elegant wooden cabin to combine relaxation and bird watching at once, you will have complete control of your nature excursion all by yourself.

You can culminate your tour by visiting the hidden Paso Del Mango village in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It has the backdrop of the ancient Tayrona civilization which is simply fscinating. You can see this beautiful travel gem if you hike about an hour from Santa Marta. Relish on magnificent waterfalls as you reach the site where endemic animal and plant life reside too.

Have fun.

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