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The Campaign Live It to Believe It- Helps the Tourists in Mexico

The Ministry of Tourism in Mexico along with the Mexico Tourism Board has released the country’s latest 2013-2014 advertising and promotional campaign that is called as- Live It to Believe It.The campaign serves as an advertisement of a distinct type and it aims to show Mexico as a nation of diverse and exclusive experiences. With the help of beautiful and visual imagery, it effectively displays the country’s large diversity, traditions or culture, natural scene, history, originalities and modern destinations. Live It to Believe It campaign confronts the world while regarding this country as a destination. It is stirring, graceful and created to remind memories through the tourists’ experiences.

Some Beautiful Places that are Shown on the Campaign

The attractive spots for tourists, described in the first part of the program are:


They are displayed together as a distinct spot for the first time.The question that is put forward refers Mexico as- unexplainable.It also emphasizes on the magnificent offerings in the country. Nayarit presents numerous activities, which are really affordable- PGA golf courses, comfortable spas, watching of whale, turtle and bird, global cookery, and shopping for neighboring artwork and conventional handicrafts.

Mexico City

It represents the interesting sophisticated, lively and modern city, with its clear evidences of history. This second one also shows some remarks that shows that the tourists who once have visited Mexico, wants to come again.

The other places that are shown here are as follows

• Yucatan
• Los Cabos
• Cancun-Riviera Maya
• Oaxaca
• Chiapas

Mexico’s new type of promotional plan includes a great media plan made, for the first time, in favor of the consumer. It comprises all communication platforms of media and was formally presented to over 300 agents of the national and global tourism business, travel agents, organizations, hotel chains, travel operators and extraordinary guests.


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