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Tokyo Top Attractions

Tokyo is Japan’s industrious capital bustling with activity and busy people. It is ultra modern, yet it manages to hold on to its inherent culture. One of Tokyo top attraction is the Meiji Shrine. Tokyo is the best holiday destination and is filled with museums, gardens, and skyscrapers.

Tokyo top attraction

Have a look at few amazing Tokyo top attractions:

  • National Museum

This Tokyo top attraction is the 6th largest museum in the world. It is not only the largest but also one the most beautiful museums with tons of artifacts. If you don’t have time to visit all the museums in Tokyo, skip all others and make sure to visit this one. It houses some of the gorgeous kimonos, amazing samurai swords, woodblock prints, scriptures and scrolls, sculptures and much more. Visitors are allowed to enter on purchasing a ticket of 620 yen. Be sure to visit the main building Honkan, which is also considered as another Tokyo top attraction.

Tokyo top attraction

  • Yoyogi Park

If you have had enough of the tradition for the day, head over to this top attraction in Tokyo. It is bustling with people from all walks of lives, artists and performers that showcase their talents. This is also a Tokyo top attraction to lay back and relax or to take a hike. They rent out bikes upward of 100 yen for visitors to ride. Also, there are small restaurants that sell ice-cream and beer. This park is famous for its fluttery of activity as opposed to its scenic beauty. They also have a special dog walk area, so be prepared to run into dogs.

Tokyo top attraction

  • Odaiba

This is Tokyo’s top tourist attraction for shopping. It consists of various shopping complexes and restaurants. What makes this place so special is that it is built on top of the man-made island. One of the perks of it being on an island is that you can enjoy the entire day at the water-fronts.

Tokyo top attraction

Another top attraction, where you can also hop into a water-bike or water-bus and take a ride in the chill. Shop at the Venus fort to get a feel of medieval Europe and be sure to ride the Ferris wheel. Car enthusiasts should visit the Mega Web who promotes ‘‘See, Ride, Feel the cars.’

  • Metropolitan Government Building

This skyscraper is a Tokyo top attraction and immensely popular with the tourists. Climb up to get a panoramic view of the city. The best part of this skyscraper is that admission here is free of cost. Also, some other perks are speedy elevators, helpful staff, and short queues.

Tokyo top attraction

If you get hungry, there are restaurants upstairs to appease your appetites. This 243-meter tall skyscraper has two towers and two observation points – the north observation point and south observation point. If you are lucky enough that the weather favors you and are clear, you can see various popular sites such as Mt. Fuji, the Tokyo Tower, and the Tokyo Dome. Be sure to get a souvenir from one of the gifts shops upstairs.

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