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Top Things to do in Dubai


Dubai is a city and country in the United Arab Emirates.  It is known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and an active nightlife scene. it is mostly used as a stop destination for travelers flying in and out of Emirates. It has world-class shopping and the world’s largest shopping mall to boot as well as snowy indoor hills for skiing activities in Dubai, the world’s tallest tower, beautiful beaches, and even man-made islands.

Dubai Fountains

Dubai Fountains is probably one of the best Attractions while visiting in Dubai. On the right side of this sites, there is a world’s tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa’ and world’s biggest shopping mall ‘Dubai Mall’.  It’s a most wonderful place to visit and there are lots of activities at night time; the fountain creates a beautiful view of flowers. They play music and water matched with the light concepts that are outstanding.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a wonderful piece of Attractions in Dubai. If you are in Dubai at work or on holiday, this icon makes you don’t want to miss. The arrangements and the views are breathtaking. The views were fantastic. There are lots of opportunities to take pictures. Once you are inside the Burj Khalifa, an elevator will take right up in less than 80 seconds. The view from ‘ On the Top‘ floor is a full 360 degree. You can see the amazing city in all its glory. Best time to visit is during the sunset hours so that you can experience the full city both during the day and night lights.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is an amazing huge place for shopping. You can find all top brands but be careful with prices. It looks like fully luxurious delights on every floor and avenue. There are lots of stores where you can shop anything you can find good deals. There is a massive variety of shops as well as the fountains, great restaurants, ice rink, and aquarium. There’s no rush and craziness of crowds. The mall is huge and you can definitely take your time and does your shopping as you wish.   It is one of the must-visit Attractions and it will show you how advanced and how the city was developed. The Dubai fountains show in the evening with music, it’s a gorgeous thing in this mall. It is well worth at least one visit, even if you’re not a shopper.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is a truly stunning and iconic building. It is very pricey, but it is well worth a visit but you have to book in online. The restaurant is spectacular with only a few tables. Burj Al Arab hotel is an iconic building that everyone who comes to Dubai must visit. The inside decoration is very unique and even 18 years after it looks very pretty. The views from the upper level are amazing and beautiful, once everyone should visit Burj Al Arab.

Aquaventure Waterpark

It’s a great place to go with friends or family. It’s a fun Waterpark with a lot of different slide opportunities. It is a whole day activity, so leave one whole day for the Aquaventure Waterpark adventure. After you have done with your activities in Dubai Waterpark, you can relax on the beach or there are plenty of beds and areas if you just want to relax. Everyone should visit there before the season begins to avoid the crowd. In early-mid September the numbers of people are acceptable from slide availability perspective.

Marina Beach

The water at Marina Beach is Crystal Clear, and very good for swimming. The quality of beach sand is very good. It’s an extremely clean and well-maintained beach. This Marina Beach is an only luxurious beach and you have some fantastic views from the beach, visit with your family or friends and have some fun. There are plenty of offers for water sports equipment like hire from floating all the way up to jet skis activities in Dubai. If you just want to relax in the heat of the sun this is the best place for that.

Desert Safari Dubai

The desert safari is a must to do activity in Dubai. The desert safari is such a fantastic way to get a true taste of a more traditional spot. They pick you up from your hotel in the afternoon and drive out to the desert where the jeep tire pressure is reduced and you are driven over the sand dunes. The quad bikes are also available to hire. There are lots of attractions is there like dune bashing, holding an owl, smoking shisha, dressing in traditional clothing, free drinks, authentic Arabian food, henna tattoo, sand boarding, riding a camel.

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